Our Advantages

Along with the implementation of projects, RVS company studies the latest developments in the field of power units operation optimization, consults foreign experts. Our specialists apply Е3.series computer-aided design system allowing to amend the project on-line and thus reduce the period of its implementation.

The energy efficiency and energy saving program serves to organize the energy resources operational process, reduce the cost of a production unit and of BOP needs. This program is developed so that with minimum investments at the initial stage the client may re-invest the saved money in the following stages. Less expensive and fast recouping projects stand first among the desirable improvement activities.

Alexander Buydov
Director General
RVS Engineering Company implements integrated projects aimed at improving the energy infrastructure efficiency of companies, including energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption processes. The Company develops and implements full-cycle projects: starting from examination and designing up to technical support. The Company’s fields of activity comprise the full range of solutions required for the efficient functioning of power companies: innovations, computer-aided systems, construction and reconstruction of power units, improvement of power efficiency.